Tuesday, January 10, 2012

remember who you are and Whose you are

sending my boys off to school in the morning
{especially in the winter}
is a completely crazy process
there's hats and gloves and snow pants and boots and shoes to go in the... 
backpacks with lunches and water bottles and folders with homework
and a snack for midmorning

the odds of forgetting one of these items is pretty high

and getting everything together always takes infinitely longer than i think

but there is one thing that my boys wait for as they turn to leave
my motherly words of farewell
{and Caleb, being who he is, will hold me to my words in entirety}

"have a super day at school
i love you so much
don't forget who you are and Whose you are
you are special"

then i send them off
watching them walk the whole way there
til they turn onto the school playground and disappear from my view

and then i pray
knowing that God is with them even when i am not
and i can rest in His perfect protection of them
even when "nate" is mean on the playground
and even when they fall and need an icepack from the health room

and that protection will continue
as they grow and the wiles of 'school land' will change
into hallways filled with lockers 
and the 5 minute rush to get to the next period class
when the 'popular crowd' will become a reality
more choices will be theirs to make instead of mine
and stress will be a word they begin to comprehend

{and so i pray.}
and by doing so increase my faith in His wonderful provision
and God, faithful as He is
does His mighty thing day in and day out
praise Him

happy tuesday, all!

Call Me Blessed


  1. love these words. i'm tucking all these little truths away for someday when I'm a mommy. you are so full of wisdom, sis.

  2. Things to remember when my kids go off to school...;)

  3. So true!! I am so nervous about sending Tanner to public school but I also know that we can't shelter them forever and that God will protect them! I am just praying that my children will be the light for the other kids!

  4. I just love this. What a sweet gesture of love for your boys. And I can't even imagine the work it takes to send them off all bundled like that!

  5. Faithful indeed!!
    Love your farewell. Precious words your boys will hold in their heart forever...

  6. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be a parent and to pray for your children. You are such a great example to them!

  7. Love it! Beautiful words from a beautiful mommy heart!

  8. always encouraged by you. i love how you LOVE.