Friday, May 18, 2012

we are filled with joy

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for another week of life
and everything that went with it.
The beautiful skies we saw
{even a rainbow after a crazy storm!}
and the laughs we all shared at youth group as the lights went out...
and never came back on.
The amazing gift of Matthias' sweet prayer
securing his eternity in heaven
(and the blessing of being a part in that)
A precious celebration of mommyhood complete with dandelions
and homemade cards and Tazino's Pizza Buffet!
My husband's 32nd birthday and the reminder
of how overly blessed I am to call him 'mine'
Sunshiny days at the park and a picnic lunch 
complete with my children's giggles 
that make me wonder
how awesome heaven is going to be
if this is what You already give us here on earth.


As I prayed on the treadmill this morning,
Cover our house in grace and mercy.
Smother us in Your love and faithfulness
as You have done all our years
and never, ever let us forget....

You have done great things for us
and we are FILLED with joy!
~Psalm 126:3

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  1. What cute kiddos you have!

  2. Car photos are always the most flattering!

  3. Glad that verse has meaning to you also! I'll be filled with JOY to see you again! :)

  4. Filled with joy for sure... what a joy to be there as Matthias prayed his sweet salvation prayer. I've been a part of that for each of my kids. Favorite moments etched in my heart. :))
    Charity with her sunglasses on upside down; LOL She is so cute!!
    Hope your week has been going well. We are on the end of school countdown for the boys; 2 more days!!!