Thursday, May 10, 2012

gooey goodness and stealing kisses

this week i switched my bible study from monday night to sunday night...
one night earlier, and it threw my entire life off.
multiple times throughout Sunday i made plans of what i was going to do in the evening.
multiple times i had to remind myself:  bible study.
i finally resorted to sticking one of my lime green post-its on the microwave
to remind myself:  tonight was bible study.  not tomorrow, tonight.
what i failed to remind myself of was the dessert i usually provide my peeps.

so what does a girl do?
52 minutes before bible study, i decide to pinterest it up
and i found these gems.

i tweeked them a bit
and, of course, in my humble opinion,
made them better.
mercy, they were so good i had to blog them up.
so here you go....

mix 2 yellow cake mixes with
1 1/2 sticks softened butter
2 eggs

smoosh half the mixture into the bottom of a greased
9x13 pan
{smoosh is a technical term referring to finger usage
to push mixture down evenly in pan}

layer graham crackers on top
(you'll need about 7-8)

have a handsome lil assistant spread
an entire bag of chocolate chips on top of the grahams

top that with mini marshmallows
(3-4 handfuls?  sorry....i'm not an exactist in my baking)

the last layer in these bars of gooey goodness
involves the other half of the cake mixture
drop it by the spoonful evenly on top and spread it as best as you can
(does not need to be perfect)

last step: drizzle 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
bake @ 350. 28ish minutes

try to avoid the layer of drool your offspring would like to add to the top
when they're told the bars are for bible study
and they'll have to wait til tomorrow.
after lunch. to consume the bars of goo.

accept all the rave reviews from bible study attendees
and children
and husband {even though he is a hater of mallows.}
i love him anyways, despite the hate for fluffy white goodness.....
marital love is compromising and forgiving like that.
{and he loves me despite my hatred for all things beef and Burger King}

on a different note, i'm embracing the camera today with
this little girl here who is so incredibly kissable
and so incredibly anti-kissing.

you have to sneak them in, those kisses...
{here she was pretty fond of getting her picture taken so i played stealth mama}

also if you start singing to her,
'always got to steal my kisses from yoooooou....
i-i always got to steal my kisses from you'
she puckers right up.
{know that song?  i hesitate to create a link to it on youtube.
is the whole song 'clean'?  idk. moving on....}

silly, adorable, precious little girl i love so much.

hope you all are having one of those super days!
now go.  makes those great bars and come back to this here post 
and thank me if you want.
or don't.....
{ but at least make the gooey goodness. }


  1. I am so making that treat!!! My kids will devour that in seconds. : Have a great weekend. : )

  2. What amazes me, is that you had all the ingredients in your kitchen prior to making these!! Or did you have to send the hubby to go get them? I'll have to try them out for small group next week at our house. I'm going to make (attempt, really) apple crisp for small group tonight. The Edge had a bag of granny smith apples left over so I took them...because they were free!! :) Love your blog! You're so cute!