Monday, May 14, 2012

happy birthday, my love

dearest j,
happy 32nd birthday to YOU!

i'm so very thankful the Lord has blessed me with the gift of you
to walk through life with.

i love you so much
i admire you for all you are
i smile everytime i think of you

i hope you enjoyed celebrating today
as much as i enjoyed celebrating you!

{ to everyone else:  happy may 14th
a great day for a great man to be born. }


  1. Happy (belated) Birthday to Justin! He's still the goofball I remember! Miss you all!

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubs; May 17th is my hubs birthday; another great day for a man to be born. ;))

  3. Happy Birthday to Justin! I love the cake and the pic of him with the kids...very sweet!