Friday, April 20, 2012

that's how it goes around here insta-style

Go Brewers!
{on a school night.  extra inning.  walked in the door:  10:15PM }
look on the boys faces:  worth it.

checking out the elephants.
cool stuff when you're 2 and almost 32.
{ free day at the zoo! }

at the zoo.
all these exotic eanimals to be seen and he wants to hang by the unimpressive pond
{ he's lucky he's so stinkin cute. }

girls hang out night!
lots of cuddles, tickles, giggles,
and of course hot pink pedis.

these 2 are quite the buddies during the day
when the bigger brothers are at school
{ i'm seriously hoping i'm fun enough when matt starts preschool...}

lesson learned:  if when you eat the whole box of blueberry waffles in 2 days
don't make a status update on facebook about said waffles
or the hubs will find out there were waffles he missed out on he never even knew existed.

unnecessary obnoxious messes.
after 4 kiddos i'm getting better with these.....
{ mercy }

fresh flowers.
one of my love languages.
{ way to go, Justin }

beefy cheesy casserole.
one of Justin's love languages.
{ you're welcome, babe }

smiles from caleb, the appreciate plate recipient last night.
just a little somthing-something we do around here to make sure
everyone knows how much they're loved.

just signed up for this.
super giddy excited and toats nervous all rolled into one.
i suppose that's what keeps my dates with jillian in the AM going strong.

have a super weekend, all!
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  1. The Warrior Dash?? YOU GO GIRL!!! :o)

  2. families that forgo bedtimes for sporting events = my type of family!