Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a little embracing the camera.

today i'm embracing the camera with jonathan.
{ he's 9 and super fun and trying to be funny at all times }
here we are chillin in the lobby of our hotel this weekend....
i love the chill out time with the kiddos during vacay.
no chores.  no meals to be made.  no laundry to do.  ahhhhhh.
just good fun and laughs
and possibly a toddler temper tantrum or two
{but who's counting those?!}
getaway weekend 2012
{embassy as usual...}
{chicago style dogs and chocolate cake shakes}
lots o fun.
{ikea run.  oh, yeah!}

happy spring, everyone


  1. Looks like a LOVELY vaca. Cute pic with Jonathan. :)

  2. Fun, fun, fun! I"m so glad you got to get away for a fun vacation.

  3. Nice! I like it! :) ha ha - it can be tough to embrace with the older ones... mine don't usually want to get in the pic. but this is a fun way, and it shows lots of personality. happy embracing!

  4. love that picture. Gotta stay cool hehe :)

  5. I'm jealous of your target run!! And tantrums are my absolute fave......

  6. I think you guys might be a little too white for that top photo! But super cute and glad you had a great vacay! I didn't even know you were taking one. :(