Thursday, April 19, 2012

thankfulness with reeses pieces and crack-like ham buns.

as a mom, there are times when i'm overwhelmed
with all that i need to teach my kids.

how to walk, how to talk, ABCs, colors,
how to hold a fork and brush teeth,
socks need to be changed daily,
and carrots come before cookies.
God is the Creator of all things
and everyone needs to know His love.
how to pray and how to put others first....
{ etc.etc.etc }

and thankfulness.
it's an important lesson i don't want to overlook
or assume that my kids have 'got this down'
{ cause i sure know i don't...}

getting a handle on the overwhelming in life
is all about taking little steps
{ ...or so i'm learning }

i didn't sit my kids down and read bible verses on thankfulness
or turn to the ever-convicting story of the 10 who were healed and the
1 who came back to thank Jesus

{ not this time, at least }

i had my kiddos un.divided attention as i put a bowl
of reeses pieces in the middle of the table.

{ did mom just put sweets at the table?  for us?  for dessert? }

i gave them a moment to wonder....

then i had them go around the table and tell me
one thing they were thankful for today.
i smiled as the answers were so full of their personality
showed what was important to them
and was one step in the direction of minds
focused on thankfulness.

obviously every answer resulted in a reeses pieces
which kept the motivation going
{ and charity smiling }

i joined in on the fun, too
and it was a great chance to let my kids know just how thankful
i was to God for the gift of them.
i love telling them that.
{ you are my gift from God. one of my biggest blessings
i'm so glad God gave you to me. }

and we always got a little chuckle when the bowl came around to charity
she'd grab the bowl, look at me, i'd ask her
'are you thankful for Jesus?'
that's great, charity.  you can take a candy.
{ and everytime i'd have to remind her to just take one.... }

small steps to teaching my kids
we have so incredibly much to be thankful for.
{ even when the reeses pieces are nowhere to be found. }
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can i share a pinterested success story?
just look at this hawaiian sweet bun goodness
described on pinterest as being 'like crack'
and 'you may want to eat the whole pan'

given that i've never had an encounter with crack
i decided to try the recipe based on my love for hawaiian sweet rolls
and i was not disappointed.

go check it out.

happy thursday to all!


  1. Good job for taking the moment to teach thankfulness. It is hard to stop in our busy lives and teach our littles to reflect on what God has given them. Great idea!

  2. Awesome idea! Seems like a good way to eat some leftover Easter candy :)

  3. Such a great idea and important lesson!

    Also, I LOVE those hawaiian sandwiches! Sooo delicious!