Friday, February 10, 2012

insta {don't read this if you're hungry} friday.

we've been doing a lot of par-taying around here
3 party weekends in a row
one light saber cake--check
one basketball cake--still to be made for this weekend
and one cake this mama decided to make as easy as possible
{and it got rave reviews from the eaters of said cake pictured above}
here's what you do......
make 2 brownie mixes
pour into 2 round cake pans and bake  
melt a container of chocolate frosting in microwave for one minute
pour a little on top of first brownie
add second layer and pour the rest of the melted frosting on
sprinkle it up
and call it a birthday cake

then have the partay where the boys score lots of goods

100th day of school on wednesday
(rumor on the street says 80 left)
Caleb got busy counting out 100 m&ms for the kindergarten snack mix

he also made this book in class that day
all about 100.
this page says, "I wish I had 100____"
and Caleb filled in 'moms'
that could either mean he thinks i'm such a great mom he wants 100 of me
or i need to step it up in the mothering department
because he thinks he needs 99 more
to pick up my slack
i'm going to go with the first option
and smile at my son's preciousness.

my mom's b-day was this week, too
and i decided to be uber sentimental and make this caramel frosting
she mentioned her grandma used to make
i googled "caramel frosting" and got like a million options
i tried one and failed miserably
so i added the word "easy" to the phrase and found the following recipe:

1 c. butter
3 c. brown sugar
6 tbsp. milk
1 tsp. baking powder
Combine butter, brown sugar, and milk. Bring to a boil.
Add 1 teaspoon vanilla and baking powder.
Beat well and spread over cake.
(found here)


as you can see i got lots of help making the cake part
but i worked on the caramel while the kiddos slept
i poked holes in the white cake (from a box) and poured the icing on
it also got rave reviews....
from some very biased family members, i know
who were probably glad i was the one getting my bake-on this week and not them
but my mom said it was like her grandma's
and that's really what mattered
(happy birthday, mom.  i think holly wants to make the cake next year)


i'm sorry this is turning into a food post
but that's pretty much what i took pics of this week
this sandwich is yummy, yummy, yummy
but you have to like avacado
it's a grilled avacado, turkey, provolone sandwich
and it's magical
i'm going to call it an ATP. 

i took this pic when i was waiting for matthias to be done with miss jenn 
charity was in the backseat all snuggly warm and listening to KLove
i took advantage of my 'free' 12 minutes
and did some more of my Bible reading
i'm working on reading through the Bible chronilogically in 1 year
and it's amazing
i keep getting a little behind and then catching up
but i'm learning so much
right now i'm working through exodus and seeing things i never saw before.
i love that.
i love how the Word of God never gets old.
it's just as amazing this time through as it was 10 years ago
when i read through it for dr. marty's old testament class at moody.

i wish i had deeper thoughts
but that's about all i've got as i wrap up this blogging sesh

i'm exhausted.  it's a happy exhaustion.
but exhausted nonetheless
{bring on the sleepover birthday party saturday night
for jon.  who's turning 9.  yay!}

have a super friday and
a super weekend...
{maybe trying these?}

they're supposed to look like hearts
{just put a marble between cupcake liner and tin}
don't fill them as high as i did or they lose the heart effect
and your child asks you why someone took a bite of the cupcake
so just learn from my mishap and fill more like 1/2 full, k?
4 more days til Vday, people.  get your love on!
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  1. I'm definitely trying that ATP sandwich sometime - looks delicious!

  2. Stopping by from Insta Friday Link-up. That grilled sandwich looks yummy, I'll have to try it!

  3. Oh I want the ATP sandwich too!

  4. Oh my gosh. That first pick??? I could eat all of that food right now. Num, num. Except that it is almost bedtime for me. So I won't. AND that ATP sandwich looks great.

  5. don't read this if you need a sugar fix! yum

  6. need the sandwich.
    seriously, come make one for me?

  7. that sandwich sounds/looks delicious!

  8. This is a very happy post! Lot's of celebrating this week (and weekend) for you all!! Fun.
    Oh, tired momma, I hope you get to sleep in tomorrow before the party. :)
    Your reading through the Bible reminds me of a story I have to post soon (like this week) before I forget it!!

  9. Yum! I love all the food, and the fact that your son said he wishes he had 100 mums! :P

  10. Visiting from InstaFriday. Amen about the Bible reading! I'm reading through the Bible with my 10 year old, and she and I have both learned so much this time around. And the pic of your son wanting 100 moms is priceless. :)

  11. I feel like the title of this post was directed to me....hahaha.