Friday, February 24, 2012

few words. it's all i've got.

Aldi shopping.  at the beginning.
about 4.25 minutes before fussing broke out
and again i remind myself, it's so worth it.....
the prices are so worth it......

lego guys are in battle
but these 2 brothers are playing together like BFFs

look alikes.
cutie pies.

fazolis for sunday lunch.  {BREADSTICKS}
when you get in the car with the hubs after church and he suggests eating out
you submit.  that's what ephesians 5:22 is all about

matt and me on a sunny afternoon
{shadows are so fun}
especially when you're 32 4.

i love these two guys
and i love their intersecting striped shirts

truffle pie at bakers square
i'm sorry if you don't have one in your area
and i'm sorry it's only on the february menu...which ends in 5 more days
{it was our pie date together.}  and this was one amazing pie to share.

the next night was my pie date with this guy
 and when the waiter asks if we'd like anything to drink 
Caleb says, "diet coke, please"
really?!  cracked me right up.

3 day week of school.
thursday = helping mom make cookies
jon adds the whole bag of white chips.....hello goodness.

meanwhile, charity found the beater on the table
and.....this must be a nature thing cause surely she's never seen her mama do this?!
smart girl.  i don't need to teach her a thing about chocolate.

i'm getting in some extra cuddles these days by saying to charity
"would you like me to lay you down for rest or rock you?"
and she points to the rocking chair.  i know.  i'm stealth like that.

snow is not all fun and games.
6:27AM this morning
i'm glad to be the one snapping the pic from the cozy indoors

Dear Babe,
this is me attempting to make my own breakfast.
you make it better.  please never leave for work early again, k?

1 DS
3 boys
30 minutes of entertainment....more if i'd allow (tempting.)

cookies from the phew
thanks josh!

{kids church project}

this has just been 'one of those weeks'
everyday i thought it was one day further into the week
so waking up and having it be friday (again) today was pretty disappointing.
ever been there?  mercy.

while i've got some pretty deep thoughts rolling around in my head
{hard to believe i have those somedays amidst diapers and laundry and crockpot creations}
i am too weary from the day-to-dayness to put them into complete thoughts
but i'll leave you with this
a verse i've been turning to while getting dressed and folding laundry
and one that i shared with my mops group this wednesday morning....

isaiah 26:3-4
You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast
because he trusts in You
trust in the LORD forever
for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock Eternal

and that's all i really need to know to get me through
the daily dailyness of life. 

i hope it encourages your heart
have a super weekend, all!
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  1. One of my favorite verses - thanks for the reminder! And there was a Baker's Square where I used to live. Oh my - they have such good pie!

  2. Yes, I love that verse and all your pictures you shared. How fun that Charity has a cousin that looks so much like her!! And boys on yummy dates with their momma; perfect. And okay, another thought to share with my hubs that your hubs makes you breakfast. LOL!!! (you are blessed)

  3. The kids are so sweet. And, I would by no means turn down an invitation to dine out either. Can't do the cooking every night, I'm afraid!

  4. What a great week! And wow! Do those cousins look alike!

  5. "You did not choose Me, but I chose you, and appointed you, that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask teh Father in My name He may give to you. This I command you, that you love one another."

    John 15:16-17

    Your kids are your fruit! Good job mama! Keep on going!

  6. Ohhhh Fazoli's <3 Hope you get some of that stuff rolling in your brain to come out and be used for good. As moms our minds run away with us--but God wants all of it! Send some of that snow to meeeee :)

  7. Yum! Truffle pie looks amazing! :O

  8. Oh, look at those pretty girls <3

  9. Love your pictures..especially of the look alike cousins and bff brothers. So sweet. :)

  10. "Wanna eat out?" are magical words - easy to submit to, I agree! Enjoyed your post.

  11. #1 rule of marriage: ALWAYS always submit to eating out. Always.