Sunday, February 12, 2012


dear jonathan
what a joy you are in my life
i can't believe you are 9 today
but i also can't believe how blessed i am by you
you are my oldest, the one who constantly teaches me and 'grows me up' in a way
i can look back on these 9 years together with you
and i am overwhelmed with memories of wonderfulness
you have such a heart that explodes with compassion for others
and that shows in the simple ways
you treat your little brothers and sister with kindness
(even as i write this you are making up a game for caleb and matt
and cheering them on)
and it shows in the way you give of your money
for missions and compassion international
and any need that you become aware of
i love how easy it is to make you laugh
and when you laugh
you light up a room.
you're so much like your dad
and that's pretty much the best compliment ever.
and even though i firmly believe that stupid show is staged
i end up laughing because you are laughing and it's so contagious.
you laugh when your new helicopter charges into the wall
because you're still learning to fly it...
and you laugh when charity does the arm pump of excitement because of chocolate
and you laugh when dad makes a joke
and when i'm trying to be funny after a long day.
you laugh all the time.  never stop. it's a gift.
as your mom, i think of your future
and nothing excites me more than to know your desire is to serve Jesus
and right now you are drawn to China.
you've always loved missions and learning about different cultures
and you were the only one at our table last tuesday night
who ate the whole bowl of food from mugina
when we learning about our church's work over there.
whatever you do someday
in whatever country you do it in
i will pray for you
as i do now
that you will know
deep within your soul
that it's not really about what you're doing for Jesus
or where you are doing it
but that you are drawing near to Him while you are doing it
that it's not about being 'perfect'
(as if any of us could live up to that)
but shining in His perfect love.
never lose your sensitivity to sin, son of mine,
but also never lose sight of grace.
i know God's got something great in store for you.
so keep shining for Him on the playground and at the lunch table
and in church and on the basketball court and in our home.
who you are
is exactly what your dad and i want
we love you just for being you

i'm looking forward to the next 9 years of watching you grow
(and of course 9 after that....and more)
let's go to wal-mart together
and pick out some cupcakes for school tomorow
and you know you'll talk me into playing one of those arcade games in the entryway
 i love you so incredibly much

love, mom

***happy feburary 12, everyone***
it's a great day to celebrate
{we're going to buffalo wild wings, the birthday boy's choice!}


  1. So sweet. Happy 9th to your special guy.

  2. SO glad he didn't choose McDonald's for your sake!!! Happy Birthday (late) Jon! We miss your laughter

  3. Wow Jon! Your mom loves you a lot! Happy Birthday! I remember the first time I met you when you were a few months old... your mom brought you to Chicago to meet her friends and her car was PACKED with every kind of toy and stroller and anything you might need... and I could see how crazy much she loved you from the first minute I met you. So proud of you, and what a cool kid you are!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday to your firstborn. :))
    Looks like he is the special one that got that awesome brownie cake!!
    (I've been thinking about the deliciousness of the sound of that cake since your last post!)
    Happy Birthday, Jon. You are loved.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to your no-so-little-man & Happy Belated V-Day to you. Is it just me or does your header seem to be getting cuter & cuter? ;)