Tuesday, November 8, 2011


an organized game closet
means my kiddos can actually find games they want to play
all 4 playing a game together
(or something like that)
is a minor miracle
so don't be getting any false impressions of my fam
by this picture

but I'm incredibly blessed

no doubt last week was a challenging one
as we were all a bunch of cooped up sickies
when Justin asked me if I thought I'd be able to send
the older 2 back to school on monday
my prompt response was

"someone's going to school on monday
them.  or me"
{sanity can be so under-rated.}

but did I mention I'm so incredibly blessed?
thankful for healthy children.
and sanity.
and my sister's homemade brownies I just ate the last of.....

happy tuesday!


  1. So glad everyone is better in your house! wanna come organize my closets? no?

  2. Glad everyone is better. I like the idea of sending myself to school in their place when my kids are sick.

  3. Oh, an organized closet. That is something I'd like to finish for my 2 youngest boys before the year comes to an end... sigh.
    I'm thankful your children are better. (and you too, right?)
    You have a super great sister.

  4. ha! you are funny. i heart sanity. i heart school. i heart organized closets. sorry about the sickies. glad they are up and playing.