Tuesday, November 15, 2011

phil 4.19

i was asked to speak at MOPS last week
just a little 8ish minute schpeel on how God has provided for our fam
i wasn't even the main speaker so don't be thinking i'm all cool like that
i was just the 'personal testimony' gal at the end

like, we just heard a great talk on finances
and now let's hear
what that looks like in someone's life
for real
well, i said yes right away
cause if there's one message God has given me
it's about how He provides
over and over again
unexpectedly and miraculously and.....
well, how could I say no?!
{except i freak out at the idea
of speaking in front of groups.....}

but God spoke through me
like, i tried to prepare and really couldn't
and my dear, sweet hubby who thrives on public speaking was like....
um, it's our life story.  you know it well.  you'll do great
and I was like 'i need to write it all out'
and he was like 'just go with bullet points and you can fill in the rest'
and i was like....hmmmmm......you may be onto something (cause you've done this before)

so i went with just bullet points
and God filled in all the rest
and honestly, when i was done, i had no idea what i really said
except that i told our story

how God provides
"according to His riches in glory" (philippians 4:19)
time and time again
not in our timing, but in His

God's not finished showing Justin and me how He provides for all our needs
'according to His riches in glory'  i love how He just keeps us in that place of complete dependence on His miraculous provision. 
oh wait, it's all miraculous provision.....but it's so much easier to appreciate when it looks as dramatic as it does for us.  And I suppose (ahem) I wouldn't want it any other way.....

I was super excited to pass on this excitement of taking God at His Word and how the women I was speaking to would perhaps get excited too--grasping the idea that God would provide for THEM--'according to His riches in glory.' 
So when I was shaking in nervousness before my chat my friend leaned over and said,
"you KNOW God provides." 
To which I had to honestly reply, "yeah, I know He provides but I can't seem to trust Him now cause I'm.so.nervous!"  

I'm such a work in progress.........so thankful God uses me anyway.
{And that's really what I want my message to be!}

have an amazing day <3


  1. I agree...bullet points all the way :) I'm so glad you got to share your story for HIS glory! Plus, I bet you were transparent and endearing and sweet while you did it! Classic and wonderful Laurie <3

  2. I'm certain your story was a blessing to those moms, but most of all, honored our Lord as you spoke of HIS goodness! Bless you friend!

  3. I'm sure you did a great Job. You are always so good with your words & they just flow so well. May God continue to bless your family !

  4. um... so. you DO NOT have any idea how much i needed to hear this today. that is all. love you. bye.

  5. I would have loved to have been there to hear you. I bet it was wonderful.
    "He provides over and over". amen.
    And I love love love your arrangement on your mantel as well as your 4 sweeties all together.

  6. It WAS indeed wonderful, and God used you in a mighty way! I don't think there was a dry eye in the room ... I know you blessed my socks off! :o)

  7. i appreciate you. thanks so much for sharing this.


  8. i would have been the same(nervous)way!
    thanks for sharing!