Sunday, October 9, 2011


dear blogland
i've been gone for the weekend
with the man of my dreams
and i had a fab time
but now i'm behind
on laundry
snuggles and kisses from my kiddos
un-mayheming the mayhem that's mayhemmed
and just life in general
so i leave you for this week
{you'll be missed}
but promise to return
and hopefully share a 'rock the crock'
that's on my meal plan for the week
{but i make no blogging promises for i tend to break those!!}
have a super week being super
see you soon


  1. enjoy unmayhemming;) you'll be missed!

    love you, cutest girl of all time!

  2. So glad you two had time away together. I'll look forward to your return when the mayheming is unmayhemed.

  3. i want a weekend away!! lucky! will miss you around these blog parts.