Sunday, July 24, 2011

it doesn't depend on me. phew.

God's faithfulness has a way of remaining so....
um, faithful, in our lives
that at times I think know I take it for granted. 
I'm so glad His faithfulness doesn't depend on me.

I love how faithfully God cares for our family
and pours His love so amazingly on us.
The way He creates each new day
and makes all things new.
The way He faithfully gives me new beginnings
and steadfastly keeps me right where He wants me.
Did I mention I'm so glad His faithfulness doesn't depend on me?!

I delight in giving God the glory for the faithful ways
He shows up in our lives and just does His thing
in and through us
We're so unworthy, but He uses us anyway.
Because God is so incredibly faithful

 pictures above:
*an incredible rainbow during Jon's baseball game last thursday,
*a visa gift card that arrived in the mail exactly when we needed it to
*the front of our church where Justin was given the opportunity to preach this weekend

have a super day reveling in the faithfulness of God!

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  1. Laurie, I love this post so much. I love that you capture the everyday blessing from God in the post. They are things that we could simply brush off, but your acknowledgment of God's presence in all of them is perfectly beautiful. And oh the gift card moment...been there too. He provides for our needs indeed. Thanks for linking up sweet friend.
    Hugs to you,

  2. He is so incredibly faithful; big amen! Thank you for the reminder and all the truths pointing to God.

  3. love this post! thanks for the reminder, sis :)

  4. Such sweet words friend! Love this! He is faithful!

  5. Thanks for the beautiful reminder. God is so faithful, patient and longsuffering. I appreciate the encouragement :)

  6. thank you, laurie!! goodness, what a friend you are! xo