Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 and 2 and random info 2

does anyone else have kiddos
asking for snacks every 3.82 seconds of!
I have this rule:  10 and 2
it's like....children of mine......why do you bother to ask
for a snack when you know I give you them
at 10AM and 2PM?
but they ask and ask and ask
and sometimes I give in
and we've gone through more
yogurt sticks, granola bars, and fruit snacks
than I thought was possible
----so I made up these snack packs filled with goodies---
I'm hoping they last for a few days
but who am I kidding?

bored boys = boys of invention
and I'm a big fan of that
so when my boys created this
(ahem) fort
I was all over it
can we eat our lunch in our fort?!
you bet, boys

I'm hoping Justin's becoming a big fan
of this wet hair sloppy summer bun thing
because it's about all he's seen for the last 9 or so days
and it's probably going to be around for awhile
it's fast and easy and cool
(like 'not hot' kinda cool)

I've resorted to gummy bear contests
to actually get my piano students to practice
It's been about 20% effective
but recycling my Starbucks cups for my home-brewed cold coffees?
100% effective at producing that hip feeling
produced by sportin' the awkward green logo on a cup
(or whatever, but I really like the cup)

there's these moments you just need to capture
of your sons taking turns shoving the fan up their shirts
to make them billow up 
and feel breezy in this hot weather
--I love the serious looks on their faces as they do it--

the wet look is becoming more and more popular around here
a sure sign we are deep into summer.

ahhh, summer will you please never leave me.
I love every moment of you.

have a super day enjoying what makes your summer days
so simple and great.


  1. well i get out of the shower and don't even brush mine so i look just as "cool."

    and teaching piano lessons is my dream. we gave our piano away a few years ago because we were moving to portland and didn't have room. little did we know we'd be back in cali 5 months later. :( such a regretted decision.

  2. I too look pretty "cool" with the wet bun and am even spicing things up with a wet braid :) Love the clubhouse :)

  3. This post is so funny. I love it. The wet bun looks fab on you!!

  4. Haha! Love the 10 & 2 rule...we have the same thing here too, but snack begging ensues almost every 5 seconds. I also put together a ton of cereal snack bags, but made the mistake of including m&m's inside which meant I ate most of them! My hair is too short for the messy bun, but I've been sportin' the barely-long-enough for a ponytail with bobby pins to hold up all the rest finished off with a jogging visor...oh so attractive, I'm sure. Love the boys' fun :)

  5. um, we so do 10 & 2 and I definitely re-use my starbucks cups! haha awesome!!

  6. Love bored boys and their creativity. :)
    Hey, I actually did my hair yesterday but you know it was all twisted up in a clip before my husband got home so yeah, I'm going on about 9 days (give or take) with the 'cool hair' for me as well.

  7. That "clubhouse" is cracking me up! Maybe we can eat lunch ON it when we come!