Thursday, July 14, 2011

etc: swimsuit edition

Charity and I,
we've got to hold our own in this house of boys.....
And I think we do it pretty well.

She's named Charity
because Justin was teaching through
I Corinthians 13
when we found out we were pregnant
and it just seemed so fitting.
But later,
her name became so much more meaningful....
we say of her now,
"Charity was our visible gift of love from God when we needed one most"

I love her.

Embracing the camera today in all our bathing beautyness....
(well, at least the one with the pink flower on her suit)

have a SUPER day embracing the fun of summer!
 embrace the camera


  1. I love the name Charity!! It is so beautiful!

  2. So sweet that you have a true connection with her name. I love it!

  3. Cute picture and I love how you chose her name and how fitting it has turned out to be!

  4. My little girl has that bath suit.. the name Charity is beautiful and I love names with stories..

  5. she is too too cute! thanks for stopping by my blog! And my husband is with you on the being outnumbered...its 3 to 1 girls at our house!

  6. precious! oh my goodness, love this post!

  7. love her name. love the meaning behind it. <3

  8. Isn't it neat how God works; love that you shared your thoughts on that with us. (and yes! you are a bathing beauty on the inside and out!)

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog! These pics are beautiful. Love the summer!

  10. she is such a sweetheart. :)