Friday, September 23, 2011

being silly

breakfast.  beautiful flowers from a friends garden.

brothers walking to school.

lego men conduct hostile takeover of bathroom sink. 

crumbs cupcakes.  belated bday gift from sweet friend.  thoroughly enjoyed

caleb takes on the world of 2 wheel bikes.  quality dad time.

brothers and books.

daddys little girl.  look at that dimple.

jon melts his mom's heart.
gives of his own money for the world vision bake sale

little hands helping make goodies
(minus a photo of Char dumping salt all over the table)

{ just some snapshots of our week }

it's official:  fall has arrived
happy autumnal equinox to all!


  1. How about those Lego Men! Did they rally? Or were they swept off course by the Scrubbing Bubbles??? ;)

    Happy Friday!!!

  2. Sweet pictures. Love the boys walking to school together and Char is a Daddy's girl!! (love her front pony tail in the first silly pic.!)
    I see some pumpkin in the last picture. Can you believe I went to Target this week and completely forgot to look for the pumpkin?! Hoping my mommy brain cells return this week. :) You know how it is-
    (oh, Jon and my daughter- she is still making donations of her own money for the children in Guatemala; sweethearts!)

  3. I got a good laugh at the Lego guys!