Tuesday, June 1, 2010


so I've got like 4 kids 7 years and under. well, not really "like".....I actually do. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and that fact really hits me. You know, the whole 50 days that I've had 4 kids!
When you've got 4 kids 7 years and under and one of them is only 7 weeks old......there are days when absolutely nothing gets done. Justin will come home tonight and wonder (but he's too kind to say anything) "what on earth happened in this house all day?" he's actually too kind to even wonder that but I wonder it and I'm the one who's home.
so here's what's happened today: the kids have eaten, played, eaten again, played again, snacked, taken naps, snacked again, played again, watched a few too many videos perhaps, and played some more. oh, I did read them each a book of their choosing so I get some points for that, right?
my friend Lynn brought us dinner for tonight.
anyone who didn't get a chance to take their postpartum friend a dinner and thinks that 7 weeks is too late to do so is totally wrong. what a blessing.
like I could even think about dinner caring for a baby who's been eating every 2-3 hours around the clock and fussy many times in between. I'm lucky I'm dressed for the day.
well, that's it for this post b/c if I've got time to blog I should probably be spending it doing something more productive. like emptying the dishwasher.
so I can reload an entire load and restart it only to unload it again. yeah.

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