Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NEEDED: more sleep

I do actually need more sleep in my life. serious, blissful sleep. but who am I kidding? I will not get said sleep for many many many months to come. ahh, life with a newborn!

Today was a fun day with the kids. We had playgroup in the morning and there was a ton of water fun to be had. Too bad Caleb is just not into water fun. But he (barely) survived. During naptime for the younger boys and baby Charity, Jon and I played "Sorry." He was pretty stoked to win the game because I had creamed him 3x already. Yeah.....no......I'm not one of those moms who lets their kids win games.

Justin worked a long day so I fed the kids chicken nuggets and corn and I waited for Justin to eat. So when he got home we had a nice, quiet,romantic, candlelit dinner with shrimp pasta.

Okay. haha.....scratch the quiet, romantic, and candlelit part because Caleb and Matt were constantly trying to swipe bites off both our plates.
After dinner I took Jon to his softball game while Justin stayed home w/the youngers. Jon and I did the much-needed grocery shopping afterwards.....which he just thought was the coolest thing ever because we didn't even enter Wal-mart until after 9PM.

Whew.....it took extra long because I was tired, Jon asked for everything he could find, and I'm trying to feed my family a little healthier than I have been so I was reading labels.

We didn't return home until 10:30 and then it was time to unpack and put away the groceries. I then proceeded to crash into bed alongside my already sleeping hubby. Whew. Long day. Charity was up 2x last night and boys were up bright and early today. NEEDED: MORE SLEEP!! please?

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