Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Day Away

So I got away today. Girl's shopping trip! It was a long and fun day and I managed to buy at least one thing for everyone. That makes for happy guys when I get home!! The funniest part? Justin probably spent more money today than I did. I come home with one little shopping bag and he's got the boys decked out in new black crocs (Wal-mart edition), and my oldest is telling me about the baseball and golf balls Dad bought. And the McDonalds they had for lunch. Anything else?! Justin would never survive as a stay-at-home dad--he always takes the boys here and there and everywhere when I'm away. It cracks me up. When our youngest was only a month old Justin took all the boys out for the night to buy a new dresser and to get some dinner. By himself. At that point I hadn't even been brave enough to take all three on a quick grocery run!
My boys love a day with just dad. But they miss me, too. How do I know? My oldest told me so. My middle gave me an extra big hug. And my baby gave this silly look when he saw me and came toddling over as quick as he could. I enjoy an occassional get away day when I'm not cutting up everyone's food and I get to engage in adult conversation. But I miss my boys, too.

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