Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Boy, A Boy, and Another Boy

I love my husband so incredibly much. He cracks me up...usually when he's not even trying. He makes me smile...even when I'm totally frustrated with him (how does he do that?!). I miss him when he's away--or even just at work for the day. I feel like we have the most incredible marriage ever known to man (and woman). Seriously. I married my soulmate.
We're both pretty easygoing (he is more than me!) and so that makes for very few conflicts. I asked him the other day......after 8 1/2 years of many big disagreements he thinks we've had. His answer? 2. Okay, I would've answered more like 5, but 2 is a good number! But it's really true.
We made a new years resolution to go on a date every month in the year of 2009. That was the most fun resolution I have ever made. No crazy diet plans that I will break by January 3rd, no exercise regimes that should be saved for the military, no lofty goals of organizing the chaos known as a home filled with little boys. Date nights. Or a date DAY as we experienced last week--how fun was that? Middle of the day, the sun was shining, and we were out sans sons. We discovered an amazing italian eatery which we thoroughly enjoyed. Okay, actually it was the butter they give you with the bread that was the best part. But my cheese filled shells were really tasty, too. And I just enjoyed the uninterrupted conversation I was able to enjoy with Justin.

So these 3 boys we have together--
they make for an interesting, fun, loud, energetic, dirt-filled, grocery disappearing, sometimes even smelly household. I love them dearly. But last night Justin and I were longing for a date (even though we already fulfilled our April quota)......just one more, you know?
But there were no babysitters to be found. Anywhere. And believe me, we tried. But, alas...Failure.
Well, not failure at all really. We changed our plan and took the boys on a fun friday night adventure. It wasn't romantic, it wasn't filled with deep conversation, and it certainly didn't include any gazing into eyes......but it was fun. I'm such a blessed girl--out with 4 guys on a friday night! Sure, they kept asking for bites of my Q'doba burrito. Sure, they kept dipping their spoons into my ColdStone ice cream (boy germs!). But I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

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