Sunday, September 16, 2012

random moments.

' i shelf '
this is a popular phrase right now.
charity uses it whenever she wants to do something by herself.
and this is often  always. 

matthias asked me to take his pic by the over-sized icee
and i couldn't resist a photo op.

sometimes you have to be spontaneous
and go to dunkin' donuts after church.
because it's fun and there's nothing better than a chocolate cream donut.

we know mrs. homar likes mountain dew.
we know after 1 1/2 weeks of teaching preschoolers all day
mrs. homar needs one.
i don't know what i cherish more.....
the letters matthias wrote or the look on his face.

sometimes God gives us a rainbow after a storm
and sometimes He makes the entire sky a colorful canvas.

when a baby's got to eat a baby's got to eat.

i have no idea how to turn this picture right side up.
but this is us at panera bread for my birthday.
{ yeah....}

for a special {secret} package.
headed to a faraway land....
that's all the clues for now.

flag football.
panther style.

{ blessed. }

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