Friday, August 31, 2012

warrior dashing

so here it is....
warrior dash memories
{in all my muddy glory}
i've decided to attack this post as if i was answering
all the many questions i've been asked about the experience.
so here you go......
to train for the dash, i simply worked out.
i ran and i did jillian michaels '30 day shred'
consistently, giving myself few days off, and adding more weights as i went
(nothing crazy, but at the end i was doing the workout with 8 lbs in each hand)
since this was a 5K with obstacles,
i knew the running wouldn't be too hard core
so the most i ran at a time was about 3 miles.
did that seem to be enough? 
my friend, amanda, and i were not 'in it to win it'
we just wanted to have some challenging fun.
i definitely think there were some people who were in it for the beer at the end
and they were a little surprised at the obstacle of it all.
we did some passing of people (ok, that was kinda fun)
and then there were some 'marine dudes' from the heat behind us
who went barrelling on by us near the end
(way to go, guys)
we had a blast.
totally and completely.
there was water, mud, fire, heights, barbed wire, walls....
and we did it together, which was the best part.
in fact, it seemed that everyone at least had a partner
if not a whole team in the WD experience.
everyone seemed in a fun mood and we all got discustingly dirty together.
the 'warrior wash' at the end was a complete hoot
and probably made us feel grosser but maybe a little less muddy for the ride home.
which, by the way, was lunch time and we grabbed McDonald's.
would i recommend this?
but nobody seems to be taking me up on it.....
except justin.
a couple that dashes together, stays together
(or something like that)
happy friday, everyone!
bring on the 3 day weekend


  1. Woohoo! You're a greater woman than I:)

  2. I'm so thankful that we did this together. You were amazing in this dash! Thanks for your love and support. You are Warrior!!!!!

  3. YIPPIE!! All your work and your weekend was finally here!! (love the shadow pic)
    Hope you aren't to sore. :)